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The Friendship Rose Schooner provides an exquisite environment for your Wedding Day, and enables the Bride, Groom and guests to enjoy the beauty of the area in a comfortable and relaxed manner. The wedding ceremony can take place on-board, or on an island of your choice, for example Bequia, Mustique, the Tobago Cays or Palm Island. If you choose, we can take care of everything - all ceremony services, including legal documents and Priest services, a photographer, fresh flowers, wedding cake . . .

Wedding Tobago Cays

With Grenadine Island Villas we are also in the perfect position to arrange accommodation for you and your party, and can organise some lovely group accommodations - combination villas which are just the perfect match for big groups. With all of this together, you really can relax and look forward to your big day whilst we assist you with preparations . . .

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We can help with the big things and the little details...

                                we'll arrange with the local coordinators and ministers - musicians and chefs

                                                                                             please contact us to discuss your ideas . . .

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Grenadine Island Villa Rentals Grenadine Island Villa Rentals Grenadine Island Villa Rentals Grenadine Island Villa Rentals

The Friendship Rose Caribbean Schooner

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