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The Friendship Rose offers two main scheduled cruises around the beautiful islands of the Grenadines...

All scheduled cruises leave from Bequia. If you are staying on one of the nearby islands of St. Vincent or Mustique we can arrange transport so you are able to liaise with the boat in the morning of the cruise...



To celebrate the Friendship Rose's 50th aniversary, we're offering discounted prices...

At $175 USD for the Tobago Cays cruise, and $150 USD for Mustique, both are fully inclusive...

...All drinks throughout the day, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & cake, sailing snacks...

• Children Under 16 sail at - $75 USD Tobago Cays / $62 USD Mustique
• One child under 12, per adult, sails free
• Children under 5 sail for free...


If you would prefer an idividually designed cruise perfected for your requirments, please see our Private Cruises Page, or simply Contact Us...


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Grenadine Island Villa Rentals Grenadine Island Villa Rentals Grenadine Island Villa Rentals Grenadine Island Villa Rentals

The Friendship Rose Caribbean Schooner

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Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, West Indies


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TEL BEQUIA: +1 (784) 495 0886/9            +1 (784) 457 3888             +1 (784) 457 3739           UK FREEPHONE: 0800 0484814