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Our on-board guestbook is filled with wonderful comments from previous guests, many of whom come back time and time again to sail with us through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean

Below is just a small selection of these comments . . .


We went to Mustique on the Friendship Rose. It was a spectacular day. The crew were excellent. Very friendly and helpful helping us in and out of the dingy to go ashore.The food was delicious.

We travelled to Mustique were we had about 3 hours to look around and then back to the boat for lunch. In the afternoon you could swim off the boat or go snorkelling in the bag. All in all a lovely day and well worth the money.

Feb 2017


What an amazing day on this stunning schooner, champagne all the way, a fantastic time brilliant crew

June 2016


Please thank the crew on Friendship Rose for the unforgettable memories and experiences in Tobago Cays this day, January 5th. The entire crew did an excellent job and created a welcoming atmosphere. The food was delicious, and the service impeccable.

Our speedboat to carry us back to St. Vincent's was immediately ready for us when we arrived back to Bequia, and we left prior to tipping. I would appreciate the names of each of the crew members, so we can send each of them a thank you and a tip of appreciation.

Bobby Hagler and family.


The romance of the sea is alive and aboard the friendship Rose! Such is the stuff that dreams are made of!
Beautiful food, beautifully served. Well done.
I will dream of this day on those damp gray days when I am back in Vancouver,B.C.
Thank you so much and wishing you all the very best.

Dan Bunton & Paula Cline


Sometimes things are done just right, like today. If one has but one day in the caribbean let it be on the Friendship Rose, THANK YOU!

Pene & Chris Sinclare


This had been an extraordinary voyage! The food was excellent, the crew was wonderful and the company was superb.
Lots of flying fish, lots of sunshine.
Thank you so much!

Charlie & Margie Calvert


An absolutely outstanding trip, so much so we did it three times!!
Big Thanks to the crew. Absolutely first class food and service.
We will return with an addition!

Mole & Nix


I cant imagine a way to make this a better trip.
Excellent food and drinks, great crew and charming company.
This has been a superb experience.

Steve, Georgine, Jeff & Brett Holman


The " Highlight" - no doubt the best value in the Caribbean.
Thanks to all on "friendship Rose", for such a memorable day.

Tim & Joan stuart


Thank you to all the crew, for a wonderful day.
The Cays are out of this world and the views are spectacular, we will definitely be back again.
The food was out of this world; better than any restaurant.

Fraser, Michelle, Geoff & Fay


Thank you to all the crew for a blissful day out!!
Heaven on Earth.
Ditto, Ditto, Ditto !

Sarah Wright & Nancy Bowring


What a truly amazing, stunning day! Beautiful boat, weather, breathtaking scenery. Great food and cake!! Wonderful service from start to finish- thank you for a special day...... can't wait to return!!

Hannah Giles


The unforgettable Tobago Cays, made more unforgettable by the wonderful crew and fantastic ship.
Thank you to everybody

James Foiter


Thank you so much for a truly extraordinary day, one we will never forget!

Donna & Lee Sowell


A fantastic trip and friendly crew. It was definitely the highlight of our trip.

Andre` & Marissa


A Valentine day that we will never forget.
Your ship is enchanting, your crew wonderful.... an elegant day!

Alison & Ken Mudry


Thank you for putting so much love and care into a wonderful vessel - great crew, great day!

Tevere, Christopher & Sam Macfadyen


Both the Mustique and the Tobago Cays Trips were wonderful! Shame we've run out of days now! Back to the cold weather.
Thank you to everyone on the Friendship Rose!

Anita & Robin Mundie


"Words are not enough"

Angela Langley


Beautiful day, great crew and amazing ship.

Rebecca & Jeff


Brilliant day!!
The fish were beautiful. The food was great and the crew were excellent.
What a lovely old boat!

lynne & Chris Nettle


What a wonderful experience- we were looked after like royalty & better!
We shall be back soon.

Sylvia & Paul Stafford & Fay Russel

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