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Bequia is the most settled & established of the Grenadines . . .

In a beautiful location, just a short plane ride or a relaxing day sail from some areas of exceptional, world renowned natural beauty, including the Tobago Cays Marine Park. A mere 7 miles away is Mustique, and can be reached by taking the the Mustique Friendship Rose Cruise.

Port Elizabeth Harbour Bequia

The island has a great atmosphere, and is rich in history and culture. The locals are welcoming and friendly, and there are local craft shops, a pottery and a museum. The local food is definitely something to embrace, and the relaxed Bequia attitude is evident wherever you are on the island. This is an authentic, true Caribbean Island, yet at the same time it is an island where you can still easily obtain all the modern necessities. Bequia is the perfect balance - it has not been over run and molded by big development, yet there is an airport, hospital, police station. There are schools and churches, and plenty to do.

The bustling Port Elizabeth harbour is a great, central part of Bequia. This little town has a great history, and the links with fishing, whaling and boat building are easy to see across the island. One of the main reasons for Bequia's development is the imports and exports of the harbour, and all the marine skills that have been learnt over the years. For generations Bequians have been deeply involved in boat building, and one beautiful example of this is of course the Friendship Rose Caribbean Schooner. Bequia is very popular with tourists, and it is a lovely sight to watch all of the yachts coming in and out of Admiralty Bay. Visitors arriving from the dock can expect a warm welcome from locals. In Port Elizabeth you will find local craft shops, local supermarkets, waterfront bars and restaurants, and much more.

One aspect of Bequia that captivates its visitors is the stunning, unspoilt white sand beaches and the natural environment. There are spectacular views from points all across Bequia, and there is still plenty of woodland and greenery across the island. Bequia has many great spots for snorkeling, and there are two dive shops, that can take you divers out to over 30 great locations where there is lots to see.

Bequia Beach Lower Bay

Bequia holds events and festivals throughout the year, and there are some great bars and restaurants to choose from. There is a weekly Thursday night 'jump up' with live steel pan band, and regular live music to enjoy. There is the Blues Festival, which lasts over three packed days, Christmas 'light up' events, and of course the Easter sailing Regatta, for which sailers and tourists come from miles around to participate.

Bequia has a small airport, with regular flights to and from Barbados. There is a regular ferry service to St. Vincent, which also has an airport with regular Barbados flights and flights to other Grenadine Islands, including Mustique, Union Island, Grenada and Canouan. You can also reach Bequia easily via St. Lucia. Once in Bequia, travel is easy - there are open backed taxis to help you get around, and bus stops at various points across the island. Of course there is also the fun option of a water taxi - a great, quick way to travel.

For more information on Travel to and around St Vincent and the Grenadines see our Travel Page over at Grenadine Island Villas . . .

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Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, West Indies


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